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Let’s Protect Your Business With Live Guards and Ai Security Camera System

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A Comparison Between Deep Sentinel vs. Alarm Companies vs Camera Brands

Alarm Brands

(ADT, Vivint, FrontPoint, etc.)

Camera Brands

(Ring, Nest, Arlo, etc.)

24/7 Live Sentinel Guards

Live Guards Talk to Intruders

Just 30 Seconds

Prevent Home/Business Intrusion

Beyond Front Door and Preventative

After Break-in happens

At the front door

Prevent Package Theft

Contact Police Time

30 Seconds

8-10 Minutes

Depends on the user, usually never

Priority Response 100% As Visually Verified

Priority Response 100%
As Visually Verified

As Verified

Key Features in a Security System to Pay

Close Attention to


How much is the whole system + solution costing you? Include all hardware costs and any monthly service fees such as maintenance fees, monitoring station fees, etc..

With Deep Sentinel: You pay a one-time cost for the hardware as little as $399 and a monthly fee of $60/month which includes video storage, unlimited archived cloud storage for guard intervened events, and Proactive Video Monitoring by Live Guards.


How long is your contract for your security system? You may already know but most alarm companies have contracts up to 60 months (That’s 5 years) and the most common alarm contract term is 36 months (3 years) and they generally are set to auto renew at the end of the term for the same length as the original contract term. So it could auto renew for another 3-5 years.

With Deep Sentinel: You get a 12 month contract and 30 days money-back guarantee. After the initial 12 months you are month to month and able to cancel anytime should you wish to.


This shows you if the security alarm company is willing to stand by their product. Are they offering you a lifetime warranty? Likely not, usually a 1 year warranty and you have to always pay for parts after the limited 1 year warranty if anything fails. Same goes for the security camera vendors.

With Deep Sentinel: You get a lifetime warranty on all of deep sentinel hardware. Yes! That includes the Deep Sentinel Hub, Deep Sentinel Security Cameras and related accessories. We stand behind our product.


So your alarm company has a call center that waits for signals to come in and they call this a monitoring station. How is the monitoring done? Is it proactive or reactive? All security alarm companies provide reactive monitoring, where they react to a break-in after the break-in has already happened. When the damage is already done.

With Deep Sentinel: We provide proactive monitoring with eyes and ears to prevent break-ins from happening in the first place. We have prevented thousands of break-ins which would cost enormous amounts of money to repair damages if they had an alarm system and they break-in occurred. Even if the burglars didn’t take any of the belongings. Example the cost and headaches to replace a broken door, broken windows, etc…

Preventing Break-ins is an important part of a security system and peace of mind. Luckily we are experts at that!

Need More Convincing That Deep Sentinel Is A Better Choice?

Check out our 1 to 1 comparison with major security brands:

1v1 Comparison

ADT vs Deep Sentinel

1v1 Comparison

ADT vs Deep Sentinel

1v1 Comparison

ADT vs Deep Sentinel

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30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Let’s Protect Your Home With Live Guards and Ai Security Camera System

Clients Love Us

“Deep Sentinel saved the day. With any other system, everything that happened would not even set an alarm.”

“The guard de-escalating the situation before calling the cops was exactly what I had wanted out of a security system. I was in a meeting while my wife was scared for the safety of our kids, and Deep Sentinel deescalated the situation so effortlessly.”
Renton, WA
“It’s changed the way I live and the way I interact with technology.”

“When I come home and wave at the camera- I know someone is in the back watching- it’s like talking to your guard. For that peace of mind, knowing that someone is always watching, and that my family is safe, it’s a priceless feeling.”
John Doe

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