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Virtual Security Guards That Prevent Crime In Real-Time

AI-Powered Security Cameras with Virtual Security Guards Protecting Your Business

Protecting your business just got much easier and less expensive. Our security cameras are powered by our AI-powered hub. Video is monitored by real live guards that are able to take action immediately and stop real-life crime. It’s like having your personal security guards watching over your business after hours. Now that’s real security and real peace of mind.

Prevents Crime

Provides Safety

Dispatch’s Authorities

All In Real-Time

Break-Ins Are Expensive, They Are A Headache & They Interrupt Your Business

With Deep Sentinel We Protect Your Business & Save You Money, Time & Headaches.

Other Security Cameras Or Security Alarms Don’t Stop Crime

The alarm system goes off after the burglar has already broken into your home.

Security cameras only show you a video of how the burglary took place.

And affording real security guards 24/7 is just too expensive.

Traditional Security is Just a Fake Sense of Security.
Let’s Upgrade To AI Security Cameras & Protect Your Business

What If You Were Able To Stop Burglars Altogether? Well, Now You Can!

Imagine This:

After hours someone is attempting to break in through the front door, back doors, or a window

Now you can prevent that with deep sentinel live guards on the watch.

Imagine This:

Unwanted visitors after hours in front of your business

Now you can stop that with deep sentinel.

Imagine This:

Keeping out intruders from entering and snooping around your business without going unnoticed.

Now you can prevent that with deep sentinel

Deep Sentinel Security Cameras Is The Best Investment To Protect Your Business

Business Owners Say:

“Deep Sentinel Is A Must Have For Every Business”

Here’s how it works:


Cameras will detect motion activity and start to record

Ai Filtering

AI hub filters motion activity and sends any human or vehicle detection events to guards.

Monitoring Live

Guards come on within seconds and monitor the camera's video and sound.

Stopping Crime

Guards intervene immediately by speaking through the camera’s loudspeaker. The siren can be activated on demand.

Dispatch Police

Guards can dispatch police in real-time, and continue to monitor the video feed while the police arrive on site.

Higher Priority Response

Since this is a live video verified event police officers respond with much higher priority compared to an alarm system.

It’s less expensive to protect your business with deep sentinel security cameras vs. dealing with false alarms, sleepless nights, and business interruptions due to break-ins.

Deep Sentinel Security Cameras & Security Guards STOP Crime & Break-ins

Getting started is easy:

Click Get Deep Sentinal

Select 1 camera for each point of entry that you’d like to cover. Generally Front Door, Driveway, Back Door. You can always add more cameras later. Feel free to start with just 1 camera to test it out. Oh and 30-days of money-back guarantee!

Easy Setup In 30 Minutes

We’ll ship you all the hardware ready to go. Once you receive your package simply connect the hub to your internet modem and power, then download the deep sentinel app use the step by step easy to follow instructions to complete the setup.

You’re Done! It’s That Easy

Viola! Your personal security guards are now active 24/7 and actively monitoring your residence. If you have any questions or concerns simply call our tech support team and we’ll help through any issues.

No more sleepless nights, expensive false alarm fees, and costly break-in fixes.

Simply The Easiest DIY Home Security Camera System To Setup

Play Video

Just 30 Minutes To Install

Let’s Upgrade To Ai Security Cameras With Live Security Guards &

Protect Your Business.

Here’s what you get:

24/7 Live Guard Monitoring

Video Recording for up to 90 days.

AI-powered hub to outsmart the smarts

2 Way talk via Mobile App

Built-in Siren in the Security Cameras

Wired, Wireless, or 100% Wire-Free Security Camera options.

Easy to use Mobile App

Real Security Cameras with Real Live Guards Stopping crime in Real-time. Oh and Lifetime Warranty Included!

Affordable Pricing for Real Live Security Guards Monitoring Your Home 24/7

AI hub $249

Number of Cameras

Battery Options:

Total Purchase Price: $399 one-time

Live Guard Monitoring: $60/month one-time

* Comes with 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Only a 12 Month Monitoring Agreement

Hiring A Security Guard Is Now Easier & Less Expensive To Protect Your Business

Buy With Confidence

30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Let’s Protect Your Home With Live Guards and Ai Security Camera System

Clients Love Us

“Deep Sentinel saved the day. With any other system, everything that happened would not even set an alarm.”

“The guard de-escalating the situation before calling the cops was exactly what I had wanted out of a security system. I was in a meeting while my wife was scared for the safety of our kids, and Deep Sentinel deescalated the situation so effortlessly.”
Renton, WA
“It’s changed the way I live and the way I interact with technology.”

“When I come home and wave at the camera- I know someone is in the back watching- it’s like talking to your guard. For that peace of mind, knowing that someone is always watching, and that my family is safe, it’s a priceless feeling.”
John Doe